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Fried Strawberries #8

Floral, Citrus, Fresh

Sharing a parent with our other Strawberry strains, this one is unique because it adds a major boost of gas thanks to the Animal Cookies and a distinct apple flavor from the Sour Apple. Its dense flowers have a silvery look and hold a banquet of aromas when broken open including apple, berry and creamy fuel – this complex terp profile is the Fried Strawberries’ calling card.

As you savor the flavor, the effects of this one may take you on a journey from initial uplift to final descent. Especially at higher doses, it may have some serious impact and deliver an unexpected couch nap. For most users it may deliver an “up then down” effect that can well for a lazy day or an evening unwind.

Light Strong
Potential intended effect
Unwind Uplift
Mild Bold
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