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Bloom Ztrawberriez #2

Fruit, Sweet, Spice

From Bloom Seed Co., this candy-sweet fruit explosion blends Orange Zkittles and Strawberry Guava and tastes every bit as delicious as it sounds. Elements of citrus, smooth floral berry, and the Zkittles’ signature sweetness make this a true palate-pleaser for those who chase flavor.

Our #2 phenotype takes more after the Agent Orange side of the lineage, with a stronger hit of citrus and a narrow, pointed appearance with a bright green coloration and lots of fiery orange stigmas. Bloom Ztrawberriez is potentially a strain that can be with you all day, as it tends to have a balanced effect that is suitable for socialization or private creative/work activities.

Light Strong
Potential intended effect
Unwind Uplift
Mild Bold
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