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Big Chillz #4

Pungent, Skunk, Fuel

From Capulator (creator of Miracle Alien Cookies) comes Big Chillz, a MAC-influenced hybrid with a strong base of OG and a sprinkle of landrace Indica thrown into the mix. Big Chillz creates some seriously large and dense flowers that show off hints of purple and a whole lot of frost.

Selected from seed, our #4 pheno is perhaps the most OG-dominant expression, with gassy limonene as its primary terpene as well as a strong dose of the OG’s traditional pinene. This results in a brighter, sharper aroma than the other phenotypes as well as perhaps the most balanced set of effects. This one is a true Anytime for most users but can move into Nighttime at higher doses.

Light Strong
Potential intended effect
Unwind Uplift
Mild Bold
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