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Big Chillz #2

Fruit, Sweet, Spice

From Capulator (creator of Miracle Alien Cookies) comes Big Chillz, a MAC-influenced hybrid with a strong base of OG and a sprinkle of landrace Indica thrown into the mix. Big Chillz creates some seriously large and dense flowers that show off hints of purple and a whole lot of frost.

Selected from seed, our #2 pheno is a MAC and OG-dominant expression, carrying a higher dose of sweetness from the MAC as well as sharp, rich OG gas notes from the Chem D and Fire OG side of it’s lineage. Compared to the #1, a more uplifting and social effect is possible, making this pheno more suited to early evening rather than bedtime.

Light Strong
Potential intended effect
Unwind Uplift
Mild Bold
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