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Ratio Gummies

The Botanist has developed a full roster of gummies with unique cannabinoid ratios and next-wave compounds such as THCV and CBG. These gummies are designed to address a diverse set of needs and deliver these cannabinoids in a truly delicious way.

VEGAN + GLUTEN-FREE. Our gummies are made with pectin, not animal gelatin.

REAL INGREDIENTS. Our gummies are crafted with flavors and colors from fruits and vegetables.

CANNABIS TERPENES. We utilize Indica and Sativa cannabis terpenes in several of our gummies for a truly strain-led experience.


Illinois: 10-Pack • 4-Pack
Massachusetts: 20-Pack
Ohio: 11-Pack • 4-Pack
Maine: 10-Pack
New Jersey: 10-Pack • 4-Pack
New York: 10-Pack


1:1 THC:CBN Kiwi Strawberry
5:1 CBD:THC Peach-Nectarine
1:1 THC:CBD Mandarin Orange
1:1 THC:CBG Green Apple
2:1 CBD:THC Amarena Cherry
10:1 CBD:THCV Tropical Blend